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The free introductory Finnish course shows the new way to learn Finnish especially if you know a little, and even more if you are of Finnish descent or if you want to live in Finland!


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New sections will be posted as time goes on!

Coming this Autumn: "At Work", "Your Hobbies" etc...

Hi, I’m Aaron Hakso, your personal Finnish teacher. I understand that you would like to learn to speak Finnish! You have relatives or other connections to the "Old Country", or you want to visit Finland and take a real smoke sauna, etc... I have created a great way for you to learn! Watch my videos, mimic the phrases and practice with Google Translate!

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Intro to Learning Finnish the Mommy!Äiti Way

Short intro

Here I introduce you to how easy it is to learn Finnish with my videos and a free App called Google Translate!

First real lesson

"House and Home"

Come on in and let's have a cup of coffee!

"At work"

What do you do at work?

Are you a shopkeeper, teacher, doctor or a farmer?

"Your Hobbies"

Do you like running, biking, picking berries or just reading a book?

Just imagine, speaking Finnish with a Finn by the lake.

or anywhere for that matter.

Join the Finnish School, tell others, learn together!

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